Careers at Advantec

Before we tell you about our vacancies, let’s explain why you might want to work here…

We’re only looking for exceptional people to work here, so we realise we need to provide a pretty exceptional place to work. We’ve put together what we believe could be a world-leading package of benefits for our valued team. Compare these with what you’re getting from your current – or any prospective – employer. Why would you want to work anywhere else?!

Free monthly training – for whatever you want!

We’ll fund any type of training or learning you want to do, work-related or not. Piano lessons, horse-riding – anything. If you do take any work-related training, not only will we pay for it, we’ll give you half a day off each month to do it.

Free private healthcare – and life insurance…

Free private healthcare with Bupa. No NHS waiting lists or shared hospital wards – if you’re unfortunate enough to need ongoing medical treatment, it’s all covered by us with a Bupa plan, including unlimited cancer care cover. There’s also free life insurance to the value of a full year’s salary to your next-of-kin.

Social events committee

Monthly social events, all paid for by the company – and chosen by the whole-team. Anything from a free meal out to bowling, paintball – or any other ideas you and the team dream up.

Cyclescheme – get a tax-free bike…

Cyclescheme is a government-backed system enabling you to get a discounted bike from a local bike shop and pay for it with monthly contributions from your salary, reducing your tax bill and getting a bike at a much reduced cost.

A free day off for your birthday

As simple as it sounds – a day off on full pay for your birthday (or next working day if it falls on a weekend)

Flexible working hours

Start early, finish early… Start late, finish late… Work through lunch, finish early… As long as you’re in the office for some core hours, we’re happy for you to work flexible hours to fit with your lifestyle and family arrangements.

Contributory pension scheme

We’re one of the few small-business employers offering full contributory pensions. These become a legal requirement over the next few years, but we’ve jumped ahead of the statutory requirements and offer this to all employees as of now.

Childcare vouchers

If you have qualifying children in childcare, you can use our tax-efficient childcare voucher scheme to help pay for it

Bacon roll Fridays

A free shipment of freshly-cooked bacon rolls on the last Friday of each month, accompanied by a platter of fresh fruit for the more health-conscious!

No sick-day bonus

Anyone who lasts a full year (1st April to 31st March) without a day off sick gets a £525 bonus at the end of the year!

As well as the formal benefits, we’ve created a culture of excellence, which means… 

We’re committed to always recognise our people’s excellence – and that everyone feels valued and appreciated for the work they do. We make sure no-one’s ever stuck in a rut, with plenty of opportunity for career progression and growth. Our motto is to treat our people how we’d expected to be treated ourselves, developing a culture of trust, respect and fun. If you work here, you’ll get the opportunity to work on a whole range of exciting projects that’ll look great on your CV – and leave you feeling each day like you’re actually working on stuff that’s really worth your while.

So who are we looking for right now?

  • Marketing Executive

    A Marketing & New Business Executive to help manage our sales, marketing campaigns and events…

  • Senior Content Marketer

    A content marketing executive to plan and create compelling, effective content marketing campaigns for our clients…

  • Paid Search Specialists

    Senior, mid-level and junior PPC and paid social marketing specialists to manage client marketing campaigns…

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